Sugar Rush Brief


25.00 18.75 EUR

• 45 mm pink, white and blue elastic waistband.
• Blue full mesh body.
• Navy blue cotton cup with pink stitching.
• Blue leg elastic and pipping around cup.

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A treat that keeps on giving. Like its name, the Sugar Rush Brief is a rush of sweet masculinity from its navy blue cotton cup and blue mesh body, contrasted with its vivid pink and white highlighting accents. Providing ultimate support and mobility with its breathable body, lifting cup, flexible waistband, and athletic leg elastic. This underwear is a seductive and playfully inviting brief that’s sweeter than candy – so don’t be shy to indulge your sweet tooth.

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10 reviews for Sugar Rush Brief

  1. yordan

    I’m really impressed. Great color, style and materials. Perfect fit and comfort.

  2. Cameron K.

    They are some of the most comfortable underwear, I love how soft and breathable they are.

  3. Daniel H.

    As usual, a perfect fitting brief.

  4. Terrance S.

    Could use a little more room in the pouch though

  5. Andre P.

    J’adore le style et le confort!

  6. Guest

    Very comfortable and sexy briefs!

  7. Rio L.

    Was a little hesitant, but glad I did. As always love the fit and feel

  8. Guest

    I’m a huge fan of Pump! Underwear. The sugar rush brief is comfortable and very sexy. I haven’t found a pair of Pump! that I don’t LOVE.

  9. Guest

    Comfortable mesh, sexy cut and cool colour combo

  10. Guest

    Great color! Awesome fit! Outstanding material! They really do have the good name haha!

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