Red Ribbed Brief


25.00 EUR

• 40 mm red and white elastic waistband.
• White rib body and red leg elastic.
• Red micro-mesh cup lined with cotton.
• White piping on cup.

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PUMP! Red Ribbed Brief is fully supportive with a flattering contoured fit that sculpts the body for easy movement and comfort. Its white ribbed body is accentuated by a bold, contrast mesh cup that breathes easy against the skin.

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13 reviews for Red Ribbed Brief

  1. David T.

    Bought 2 and they fit great. They rock with my low rise jeans and there something to look forward to seeing at the end of a night! Thanks

  2. DOSUN P.

    very sexy underwear.

  3. Ka F.

    Before this pair, I bought two other pair of briefs from PUMP!. First one was a medium and it was a bit small and the second one, I ordered large and it was still a bit small.

    So I decided to gamble again and ordered another large, which is the Ribbed Brief. It actually fits perfectly. It looks good and gets compliments from girls that I sleep with.

  4. L. P.

    The underwear is super. The fit and cut are complimentary without discomfort.

  5. Aleksandre A.

    Good Fit and Comfy, but red turned to white. Washed in cold water

  6. Joshua M.

    Good Fit and Comfy

  7. CESAR A.

    is very nice and confortable

  8. Simon S.

    Love it and can only recommend buying it!

  9. John P.

    The best underwear. I love the fit they are constructed very well. The ribbed brief looks sexy!! I got two pair.

  10. Robert W.

    Great love them

  11. Jeremy J.

    While the texture and look and feel are very nice – the fit was tighter / smaller than same size in previous models of PUMP! briefs I’ve ordered.

  12. CHI W.

    Thats perfect!

  13. solomon a.

    its sometimes hard to find underwear that fits well and still is yet sexy and masculine. Well no matter the color this pair fits that bill.

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